Even though there are many time tracking and timesheet application, I still can’t find one that fit my need. The main feature that I want is a timesheet that tracks per man-day instead of man-hour. The user must be able to either track using a time tracker or do a manual entry. Then the report can summarize how many man-days the person uses per project, by divide the total time with how many work hours per day. Furthermore, the application must be easy to use, convenient, and fast.

Most services today, each one of them has unique features that I like but I can’t find a combination of features that exactly fit what I want. Besides, I find many services to be slightly too expensive if you have a lot of employees or contractors.

So I set out to create one called Timebinder! Since I am in dire of a side project, I will forge this app on my own instead of using my company resources. Additionally, most of my works can’t be shown to the public, this will be a great addition to my portfolio. Moreover, I will have full control of what I want to do and I can experiment without needing to care much about profit.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an app for freelancers called Cushion. I found Jonnie Hallman, the app developer, journal page about his journey of creating the app. I like the idea of keeping the journal of the process of app creation and see the stream of thoughts throughout the years so I will also be writing the journal along the way. Furthermore, I also like his way of publicly showing the app expenses, so I will also be doing that.

Hopefully, this blogging process will help push me to finish the app, so stay tuned! 🤟