How to route in Windows 8 and Mac OS X

To route your network to a gateway use

route ADD "network" MASK "subnet mask" "gateway ip"
or to make route gone when you rebooted
route -p ADD "network" MASK "subnet mask" "gateway ip"

For example, if you connected to OpenVPN, by default configuration you’ll be connecting to gateway but say your local gateway which is have route to another network that locate at 10.27.8.X, then you have to add route for it to know that it have to connect to gateway instead of VPN gateway

So what you do is

route ADD "" MASK "" ""

for Mac people use this

sudo route -n add -net

DONE! you now can connect to 10.27.8.X while connecting to the VPN

please note that I’m not very familiar with networking and this might not be the correct statement about route, please refer to this if you don’t understand my post lol